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250ml bottle

Gourmante BIO Red Balsamic Vinegar with Cayenne Pepper 250ml

Ripe & healthy grapes of organic farming from the famous red variety “Agiorgitiko”, indigenous to Greece, are vinified according to the typical red wine making process with temperature systematically measured and without any sulphites, additives or preservatives added. Acidification follows with controlled oxygen flow, resulting in a product with a distinct red ruby color and intense aromas of fruit & spices. Cayenne peppers cultivated under organic farming practices & certification are naturally dried, cleaned and placed in the stainless steel storage tanks holding the vinegar, where their aromatic oils are infused in the vinegar in an absolutely natural way without any aromatic additives used.The result is a product with superior aroma and flavor to spice up your salad dressings, BBQ marinades and sauces!

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