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About Us

from Greece -

We started our journey with the Gourmante brand a few years ago, travelling around the Greek countryside sourcing unique ingredients and products with tastes and aromas that will travel your mind and senses to the Mediterranean countryside and sea!

Take a peak at some of the local products we have in store for you:

- Protected Denomination of Origin (P.D.O. & P.G.I.) Extra Virgin Olives Oils  from regions like Kalamata & Olympia, with a superb aroma, balanced taste and deep green color to enjoy with salads, grilled bread, bbq dishes or fried potatoes (yes, contrary to popular belief extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest oil for frying!)

- Juicy Olives from indigenous Greek varieties like the world famous Kalamata with the deep purple color and full bodied taste, or Halkidiki green olives stuffed with almonds, garlic, sweet red peppers, lemon peel, jalapeno peppers, blue cheese or sundried tomatoes

- Exquisite Organic Vinegars  (some aged in oak barrels for that balsamic taste and character!), made from selected Greek grape varieties and naturally blended with organic honey, spicy cayenne pepper, basil and garlic or thyme

- Organic Aromatic Dried Herbs, like oregano, rosemary, lemon balm and garden sage with an intense aroma and high essential oil concentration

Yia Mas - To our Health!

to Italy -

Keeping true to the Mediterranean character and vision of Gourmante brand, it was only natural for us next to travel to Italy to source well known or hidden food delicacies from world acclaimed regions like Tuscany!

Take a peak at some of the local products we have in store for you:

- Modena I.G.P. Balsamic Vinegar and Creams  with exciting flavors like strawberry, lemon, sundried tomatoes and oregano to flavor and decorate any dish

- Basil and Tomato Pesto sauces from Imperia region, tomato & red onion bruschetta and pasta sauces to prepare at home a true Italian feast!

- Sicily White Salt  flavored with natural extract of basil, lemon, chili pepper, and garlic for a stunning taste profile

Salute - To our Health!

and Spain -

Recently the Gourmante journey took us to the Spanish countryside (do not worry fans of French gastronomy, the country skip was unintentional and we already start planning our voyage to the south of France!), to discover the rich culinary heritage of Spain.

Take a peak at some of the local products we have in store for you:

- Whole Garlic Cloves, freshly picked and preserved in brine with vinegar. A tasty and healthy ingredient to add a delicious complexity to your dishes

- Silver Skin Onions, small size, picked fresh, selected and then preserved in brine with vinegar. Get all the well known health benefits of onion while adding that special taste to your dishes

- Capers, handpicked individually due to their small size and then dried in the sun and brined. Use them for a salty, pungent and vinegary punch to your recipes

Salud - To our Health!

from nature, for your health -

All Gourmante products have their origin in the Mediterranean region and are natural, free from  preservatives, additives, gmo ingredients or artificial colorings. The range includes several organic products and provides the basic ingredients of the healthy  Mediterranean Diet.

Gourmante is already the leading brand for Mediterranean food products in the Baltic counties, namely Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania, enjoying great success in all distribution channels. 

Another recent accomplishment has been the set up of an efficient import channel for China market, with product availability ex-warehouse in Qingdao city, North China. 

Our journey continues in the Mediterranean region to bring you many more authentic, quality, healthy products with the Real Mediterranean Taste!

"Thank you for visiting our website, hope you will like it and try us out for product quality and customer service. Don't hesitate to reach out, ask a question or leave a comment on our product pages. Do not forget to join our mailing list to receive offers, product updates, news and health tips."

Dimitris Paraskevopoulos - C.E.O. at Mediterranean Brands P.C. 



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