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250ml squeezable bottle

Gourmante Cream made from "Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP" with Lemon 250ml

A delicious dressing cream with natural Lemon flavor, based on the world famous Modena Balsamic Vinegar which enjoys a P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication) status as per relevant EEC legislation. The creamy and homogeneous consistency with constant density over time along with the easy to use, squeezable bottle, make this sweet & sour dressing ideal for decorating and flavoring all your dishes at home like a professional chef. This cream is ideal to garnish and improve the taste of many dishes, especially salads with raw vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, cheeses, dessert cakes and even ice cream!

Our exclusive recipe is  100% free  from any colorant (most similar products on the market contain Caramel color E150D) and has a higher than usual density for a natural & fuller taste. Produced in Modena, Italy to comply with P.G.I. legislation origin and quality requirements. 


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