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360gr glass jar

Gourmante Sliced Kalamon & Green Olives in Brine 360gr

The world famous Kalamon olive variety is grown only in specific areas of Greece, especially in the Peloponnese region around the city of Kalamata. It has a characteristic pointed shape, purple color and full-bodied taste while it is packaged in brine with vinegar to provide for a tasty & healthy snack - better known as the "queen" of edible olives. Green olives grown, cultivated and harvested in the Halkidiki region in Northern Greece have a larger size, round shape and an uneven green color which signifies their 100% natural fermentation process. Their taste is characteristic and intense, while salt level is regulated at production & packaging in order to ensure the right combination of taste and product safety. The olive pits are removed with the use of a special machine with controls in place to ensure they have all been taken out, before the olives are mechanically sliced.  Add in salads, on top of pizza or pasta for that extra taste. Use them for creating Mediterranean pasta or meat sauces.

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