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280gr easy open tin can

Gourmante Dolmas - Stuffed Vine Leaves with Rice in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 280gr

Mediterranean cuisine has a plenitude of traditional recipes offering delicious, healthy and nutritious meals. They are ready within minutes and offer a great alternative to home cooking, providing an effortless introduction into Greek gourmet cuisine! Tender vine leaves from Northern Greece are carefully hand picked during grape harvest, washed, stuffed with rice & spices and then wrapped to create "Dolmas" or stuffed vine leaves, one of the most famous dishes in the Mediterranean. The use exclusively of Greek extra virgin olive oil in the packaging (instead of the usual vegetable oils), further enhances their great taste. Open the packaging and serve the stuffed vine leaves with the olive oil on a plate to enjoy a delicious, vegetarian & healthy light meal or appetizer for your lunch/dinner. Can be served at room temperature or slightly heated.

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Gourmante Mediterranean Foods